So how does this whole wedding photography thing work? Don't worry - it's pretty painless and actually a lot of fun! Once you contact me, we'll set up a time to meet up and chat about choosing the best wedding photography package for your needs. In the meantime, here's a rundown of a typical wedding day, told through some of my favorite photos!

Before your big day, chances are you might need great engagement photos for announcements, save the dates, invitations, or just to show off how good-looking you both are on Facebook! 

When your wedding day finally arrives, it typically begins with you making the transformation from everyday citizen to the super good-looking bride and groom that everyone will be Instagramming for the rest of the night.

Once you're all dolled up, it's time for some portraits! Bridal portraits might be my favorite time of the whole day!

Let's not forget about the grooms. It's not every day that you're rocking a tux, so let's photograph it!

During the ceremony itself I'll basically be hiding in a corner, quietly capturing your special moments. A bonus cookie goes to anyone who fist-bumps during their first kiss!

Congratulations! Now that you're all married and stuff, it's time to make everyone jealous with a sweet photo. Also, I might ask you to kiss, so be prepared for that.

Brides - it's a scientific fact that your bridesmaids are only allowed to be 76% as good looking as you on your wedding day - but let's take their photos anyways.

I've never met a group of groomsmen (or is it a flock?) that hasn't wanted to look like the Reservoir Dogs. Don't be concerned if I call your best man Mr. Pink throughout the course of our groomsmen shoot. 

Chances are your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Second-Cousin, (and maybe even that guy that you think you're related to but you don't really know his name) want to get next to you for a photo. I mean, you do make them look cooler by association.

However, at no time are you permitted to make duck faces, throw things, jump in the air, flex your muscles, hug Mickey Mouse, or get generally wacky. 

Chances are you probably spent countless hours picking out your wedding dress, DIYing centerpieces, arguing over napkin colors (eggshell white or creme???) and tasting cake after cake after cake! These are the details that make your wedding unique, so let's take photos of them! 

And finally, after the speeches (both the tear-filled and the awkward ones), and the dinner, and the cake-cutting, comes the moment we've all been waiting for: Dancing! First dances, parent dances, choreographed dances, swing dances, line dances, slow dances and fancy dances; expect me to be bouncing around with my camera capturing everyone looking awesome (or at least thinking they're looking awesome).

And there you have it!

The final step consists of you receiving your wedding photos and showing your friends how much cooler your wedding was than theirs.