Boston Wedding Photography - The Details

As anyone who's ever planned a wedding knows, the small details are often the ones that define your special day. Larger decisions, such as the wedding venue and the time of year, can be considered broad strokes on your wedding canvas. It's questions like "Exactly which shade of off-white will my napkins be?" that must be painstakingly answered and meticulously planned in order to shade in those final details and make your wedding truly unique. As a wedding photographer, I want to make sure those details are captured so the memory of your hard work and effort will last a lifetime. Yes, I want you to remember what your centerpieces looked like, but I also want to capture some of the details that you may have been too busy to appreciate on your wedding day; like the way the light shined through the trees just before your ceremony, the reflections on the water as the sun set, and the way your hors devours looked before your guests decimated them. 

The following photos were taken at some of my favorite venues, including Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth MA, Camp Kiwanee in Hanson MA, The Smith Barn in Peabody MA, and The Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge MA, to name a few.

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