Boston Wedding Photography - Danielle & Rafael

And now for something completely different....

Danielle and Rafael are two young newlyweds from Boston who got a raw deal from their original wedding photographer (not me!). Married at the beginning of last summer, they have still not received their wedding photographs! The part that truly boggles my mind is, what wedding photographer would not want to fill up their portfolio with photos of such a good-looking couple?? 

This is where I come in. I met Danielle and Rafael at a trade show where Danielle was showcasing her company DSMeeBee, which specializes in custom event design and planning. We started talking about weddings, wedding photography, and the fact that they have yet to receive photos from their wedding, even after more than six months. 

There was really only one solution - put the wedding dress and tuxedo back on and do a wedding "reshoot" with me as their new photographer! And so we met up at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center and made some post-wedding magic happen!

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Oddly enough, this was their frame, not mine. 

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We then headed down the road to the MIT chapel, the site of their original wedding ceremony, for a few more shots.

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We also took some time that day to shoot some of Danielle's products, which are truly stunning! Contact Danielle here if you'd like her to make your wedding fun and beautiful!

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And there you have it! I was thrilled to be able to turn around these photos for Danielle and Rafael in less than a week, in an attempt to make up for some other photographer's dodgy work ethic. I truly hope they love these photos as much as I do!