Boston Engagement Photography - Amy & Geoff - Topsfield Fair

One of the most challenging (yet rewarding) engagement shoots from the past year took place north of Boston at the annual Topsfield Fair. The challenges had nothing to do with the couple (who were wonderful), or the commute from Rhode Island (which took more than three hours in horrendous non-stop traffic). The challenges actually came from the same things that make fairs and carnivals so wonderful. 

When Amy and Geoff first suggested the Topsfield Fair for their engagement shoot, I thought it was a great idea. It's a great atmosphere, with lots of colored lights and people having fun. I suppose what I failed to consider was just how unflattering most of those carnival lights are, and just how many people would be crammed into the fairgrounds on a warm summer night. So the challenge became finding spots that had flattering light, interesting backgrounds, and didn't have dozens of people in the shot. Luckily for me, Amy & Geoff were exceptionally patient and willing to try anything to get great photos!

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