Boston Headshot Photography - My Ten Favorite Photo Shoots of 2012 – Brian Colin Foley

I'm pretty sure my favorite type of shoot is the "let's bring one light on location" type of shoot. Recently, I did headshots for actor Brian Colin Foley around the streets of Beacon Hill in Boston. Brian was a blast to work with - really comfortable in front of the camera, easy-going, and willing to try different things. He even does a great James Bond impression. 

What I'd like to share today is something I very rarely display - an unedited set of photos from the shoot. This would more or less resemble a contact sheet, or the online gallery a client would receive from their session. I wanted to display it here today to give an idea of what goes into a typical portrait or headshot-style shoot. From wardrobe changes, to scene changes, to poses and different camera angles, you can watch the shoot unfold below.  Just keep in mind, every image below is straight out of camera, completely gentle.

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Be sure to check Brian out here