Boston Musician Photography - My Ten Favorite Photo Shoots of 2012 – Tasia

Sometimes simple just works. Getting a great shot isn't always about having a big production. Sometimes all you need is the right model, in the right location, with great light. 

When I met up with vocalist Tasia for our shoot, I didn't necessarily have a plan of action. As with most shoots, I tend to play things by ear, and see what the model and the location can give me. I was fortunate enough on this particular shoot to have been provided with an expressive model, a simple wooded trail for a location, and a great day with beautiful light.  

We started off with one of the most basic and common setups I can think of - a background consisting of sun shining through trees, and a model being lit by a single silver reflector.

boston musician photography
boston musician photographer

I've always loved to incorporate sun flares into my photography. By lining up the camera, the subject, and the sun in just the right way, it's easy to add that extra bit of magic.

boston band photography

As we journeyed into the woods we came across a small boathouse that provided tons of photographic possibilities - from using the wooden shingles as a background texture, to shooting on the small back porch overlooking a river. My favorite shot of the day came from the back porch of this boat house. 

providence musician photography

For you photography people, here were my camera settings for this shot.

1/100 sec at f /11, ISO 125, shot with my 24-70mm f/2.8L at 30mm

The camera body was a 5D classic, and the image was lit with a white beauty dish, up high and coming from the right side of the image.

The same image also provided one of my favorite before and after editing examples. From adding extra length to the flowing dress, to the dodging and burning, to the sky replacement and final toning of the image, I'm really happy with how it came out. It is definitely one of my favorite images of the year. 

providence musician photographer

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