Boston Portrait Photography - My Ten Favorite Photo Shoots of 2012 – Zona Salons

Ok, so this wasn't necessarily one shoot, but a series of them. I'm lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to work with Zona six times over the past year. I've met and shot just about every member their incredibly talented staff, as well as photographing their runway shows and other big events. This is a fantastic crew that I'm looking forward to working with again in 2013! Find them online at

It took me about 35 portraits to get the lighting setup down, but for you photographers reading, here it is. For most of the portraits posted below I used two octas, positioned very close and on either side of the model (its a side/clamshell sort of setup), and a reflector beneath. A third light was used to light the backdrop, which was seamless white, and often replaced with a fake color and spotlight in photoshop. I've also taken the liberty of recording a tutorial on how to make such a backdrop, which will be posted tomorrow! Enjoy! 

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