Boston Musician Photography - My Ten Favorite Photo Shoots of 2012 - Jon Finn

Beginning today and continuing until the end of the year, I'll be recapping my ten favorite shoots of 2012! There was a wide variety of interesting shoots to choose from, including bands, portraits, weddings, and fashion. I'll do my best to include a little of everything, with behind the scenes videos and photos, before and after images, and lots of fun facts, both useful and useless. 

So, without further ado.... let the countdown begin! 


Jon Finn

One of my first shoots of 2012 also proved to be one of my all time favorite, as I had the opportunity to work with Jon Finn, one of my personal musical heroes. Jon's outrageous sense of humor and his willingness to "work" for the camera made for an unforgettable shoot, and some of the best images of the year.

And now, a special behind the scenes video (which only took me 12 months to finally get around to editing!)