Boston Photographer Sam Haddix - Outtakes July 2012

The blog is back! And what better way to ease back into some serious blogging then with some of my favorite outtakes from some recent shoots. Just to give you the heads up, if you shoot with me and make funny faces, you'll probably wind up here.... enjoy!

First there's Kaylee, who's happy to give you the robot pose with absolutely no prompting.

boston portrait photographer

Doug winds up in a lot of my test shots. This was one of the only times I caught him not giving me his "blue steel" look.

boston portrait photography

When Maldi from The Off Chance isn't shredding guitar, he takes on his"Scary Cheek Pinching Aunt" persona.

boston band photographer

Clearly my chosen pose caused Paul an exceptional amount of pain.

boston engagement photographer

What happens when you get guitar virtuoso Jon Finn in front of a camera? This...apparently...?

boston musician photographer

Country artist Kiley Evans was perhaps too excited about our shoot.

boston musician photographer

Here's vocalist Tasia trying to settle down the herd of woodland creatures that had come to check out our shoot.

musician photographer in providence

And finally, Caitlin Lento, one of my favorite people in front of the camera and behind the scenes. It would be almost too easy to do a blog post featuring just her outtakes...hmmm...

Also, please note that we're shooting in my kitchen.

boston fashion photographer