Boston Band Photography - Apollo Starfleet

One of my favorite photoshoots this year was my promotional shoot with the band Apollo Starfleet. It was a great experience  working with such a dynamic and energetic group of musicians. I had recently been hired to shoot a salon, and I figured it would be an interesting spot for a band shoot. So, after the salon closed down, we brought in the band and set up shop. I lit the full band portrait with an octabox, positioned in the center and high above the band, using my 24-70mm lens. One of my favorite moments from the shoot was when Jesse (the group's frontman/guitarist) asked Caitin (keyboards/backing vocals) to push the razor harder against his throat so it would look more realistic. Now that's dedication!  

boston band photography

For the individual portraits, I switched over to a beauty dish along with my 70-200mm 2.8.  With Jesse, we decided to go for the classic GQ look.

boston band photographer

Ryan decided to show me new and exciting ways to sit in a chair.

boston musician photographer

The night before the shoot, I had watched Benny and Joon on Netflix, which heavily influenced Jared's pose.

boston musician photography

If you take a look back at the group portrait, you'll notice Jesse R. drinking from a container of barbercide. This shot was inevitable.

providence band photography

Caitlin has a great look, so we decided to ditch the chair and do the "model" thing.

Here's a challenge! Try standing with your legs posed like Caitlin's. It's not as easy as you think...

providence musician photography

Not only are these people exceptionally attractive, but they're a killer band! Be sure to check them out here: