Boston Senior Portraits - Chloe

And so the time has come once again for senior portraits! My first victim this year was Chloe, a senior from Plymouth MA. We took a trip to the beach, and immediately began making a scene after setting up a huge octabox for our fashion-shoot-style senior portrait session. Kaylee, my unlucky assistant for the day, had the honor of playing human sandbag to our lighting gear, and the privilege of cleaning seemingly endless amounts of sand out of our bags. Chloe was a pleasure to work with, and didn't hesitate when I asked her to sit directly in the surf, or complain when our light experienced some technical difficulties. Chloe's boyfriend Brendan was also on staff as a wardrobe assistant (human clothes hanger), and Chloe's mom Mindy provided moral support (cash), and even an emergency shirt. What else are mom's for? 

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