Boston Engagement Photography - Geoffroy and Margaret

Welcome to my new blog! I wanted to start by sharing some photos from my recent engagement shoot with Geoffroy & Margaret. It's always wonderful when a couple brings their own props to a shoot (including signs, rubber ducks, and fake mustaches) and are ready to have fun and be themselves! We met up at Christopher Columbus park in Boston on one of the most gorgeous nights of the summer and got some great shots during the last hour of daylight. By the way, did I mention there was a carousel? I had the easy job of taking photos, while I left all the grunt work to my assistant for the evening, Megan Smith ( So a very special thanks to Megan for her help! Geoffroy & Margaret were also kind enough to pay for our parking (which was $37 for 3 hours!) Congratulations guys! And let me know when the wedding is! :) Thanks for checking out the blog, and make sure to check back regularly for new shoots, tutorials, and general rantings!


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